Emergency Notification

If an emergency occurs, an organization must be equipped to notify first responders, employees and other key stakeholders as quickly as possible. Do you have the technology to keep your assets and personnel secure should an emergency arise?
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Solutions that can help coordinate an emergency response

NEC offers a range of solutions that can help coordinate an emergency response  whether the situation is isolated or widespread. Other NEC offerings can help keep all informed during and after an urgent situation. Still others provide the tools needed to guarantee business continuity throughout all stages of an emergency and beyond.


Solution Function

UC for Enterprise Emergency On-Site NotificationA 911 system that helps enterprises pinpoint a callers location and direct appropriate emergency response resources to the scene.

Enhanced 911A set of tools that helps businesses quickly identify the source and severity of a situation and seamlessly notify onsite personnel and public safety officials.

Solution Function 

UCB Contact CenterRobust UC and Contact Center functions for the SV9100, SV9300, SV9500 and UNIVERGE 3C.

UCE Contact CenterSophisticated UC and Contact Center functions for the SV9300 and SV9500.

UNIVERGE SV9000 E911 Security NotificationAn application for NEC’s UNIVERGE SV9100 communication server that identifies a caller’s location and directs appropriate emergency resources to the scene.

Total Visibility SolutionsA solution that helps all types of organizations to use their existing Wi-Fi network to locate and identify people and physical assets


(Rich Contact Center features with full Unified Communications)


Solution Function 

UNIVERGE  SV9100NEC’s feature-rich communications server for small and medium-sized organizations.

UCE Contact CenterSophisticated UC and Contact Center functions for the SV9300 and SV9500. (This will also work on the SV9300)
UNIVERGE SV9500NEC’s premier communications server for larger enterprises with advanced communication needs.

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