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Having reliable, timely support is essential to for uninterrupted business operations.
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Mission-critical communications and IT applications require high availability.

Having reliable, timely support is essential for uninterrupted business operations. NEC provides complete Maintenance and Support Services that help companies maximize their technology investments for optimal business value. NEC Maintenance and Support Services offer the following benefits:


Quick remote and onsite response for minimal network interruption & repair time.


Expert diagnostic & issue resolution by certified technicians and engineers


Cost-effective service agreements for a lower total cost of ownership


Access to the most current features and capabilities

NEC provides maintenance and support services based on best practices, standards, and technical expertise. These services include:


Maintenance & Support for NEC Communications Platforms


Software Assurance

to proactively ensure that network equipment and applications are always current, eliminating version and patch control issues.


Remote Technical Assistance

to get access to NECs skilled technical experts who are readily available to address any issues with network infrastructure and applications.


Advanced Hardware Replacement

for onsite support or depot repair to rapidly repair or replace hardware and related equipment.


Onsite Services

for easy access to certified professionals who quickly and efficiently address network issues for minimal network interruption and repair time.

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